Educational Talks

Daily tours: 11:00am and 2:00pm

Our twice daily tours are optional and an excellent opportunity as they are included in the entrance fee!

Don’t miss out on the chance to be introduced by our informative and friendly Keepers to some of our amazing wildlife residents. Learn about just how special our unique Australian animals, birds and reptiles are and why they are all so crucial to our natural world.

These tours are guaranteed to enhance your experience and leave you with lots of great memories of Potoroo Palace.

Animal Encounters

An encounter is a very special one on one experience with the animal of your choosing.

Learn all about this animal and get up close enough to touch and to experience the wonder of our amazing and unique native wildlife.

Pricing Conditions

Prices are per Encounter, whether one person or two.

Additional person $5 each. (Dingo, Koala and Wombat Encounters, additional person $10 each)

Koala Encounters limited to 6 people.

Minimum age restrictions apply for dingo and snake; Dingo – 18yrs+      Snake – 16yrs+

Please be aware that if having a Snake Encounter, you cannot have a Lizard Encounter on the same day (and vice versa).

** Encounters with 2 stars are only in afternoons and must be booked by 2pm.

All Encounters strictly at discretion of Zookeepers, depending on availability and/or the animal’s behaviour.

 Please note that for various reasons not all of our animals are available for Encounters every day. It is best to simply enquire on your visiting day to avoid disappointment.

Dingo (Persons must be minimum 18 years of age)$70
Swamp Wallaby$20
Brushtail Possum$20
Ringtail Possum$20
Snakes (Persons must be minimum 16 years of age)$30
Tawny Frogmouth**$20