Kid’s art inspires murals

Well known local artist Annie Franklin has created two colourful and exciting murals using drawings by children, that are now on display at Potoroo Palace.

The project was funded by CASP ( Country Arts Support Program of Regional Arts NSW ).

Many children took part in the popular Story Time when visiting Potoroo Palace with their families, and in the lead up to this project, they were asked to draw a picture of their favourite Potoroo Palace animal.

Annie faithfully enlarged those drawings, then spent time observing the animals to recreate their unique colourings and markings as naturally as possible.

This resulted in enough beautiful artwork to make two large, eyecatching murals that accurately show our animals as seen through the eyes of children.

One of the murals can be seen just near the entrance to the Blue Wren Café, and the other is on the outside of the Koala enclosure inside the Sanctuary.