Potoroo Palace’s new quoll in need of a name

Potoroo Palace has a new arrival who has come all the way from Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, in Tasmania. A young spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) male, just one year old now living at his new sanctuary and settling in wonderfully.

His new neighbours happen to be a pair of white winged choughs who seem to find […]


”Mordecai”  and ‘Scarlett’ are two of Potoroo Palace’s vibrantly coloured Eclectus Parrots – Eclectus roratus. Each of them having been separately donated, it has been trial and error introducing them and observing their relationship developing.

The Eclectus’ natural range in Australia is limited to Eastern Cape York Peninsula, found in the canopy of rainforests and […]

Cowsnest sanctuary home for orphaned swamp wallaby Banksy

“Banksy” the swamp wallaby was a small, pink and furless orphan when he came into the care of Joan from a Canberra wildlife care group after he discovered when his mother was hit by a car.

Joan fostered him with devotion, along with other swamp and redneck wallabies, and it wasn’t evident until he began […]

Koalas find their Valentine at Potoroo Palace

This story was featured in the Merimbula News Weekly on February 11th 2016. Photo and article courtesy of Albert McKnight

Potoroo Palace was the site for an early Valentine’s Day romance, as the animal sanctuary is hoping that a pair of koalas will breed.

Recently, staff at the palace introduced long-time female resident Sapphire to newcomer […]



Whilst tree surgeons at Potoroo Palace were removing a half fallen tree, they were surprised to discover 6 very young mouse- like creatures who went scattering in all different directions. They were subsequently captured and […]

Palace Potoroos

potoroos shaun

The staff at Potoroo Palace are continually fascinated by the number of visitors who have never heard of, let alone seen, […]

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