Shadow Minister Visits Palace

penny SharpeYet another public figure was recently welcomed to Potoroo Place. This time staff were delighted to greet the Honourable Penny Sharpe, Member of the NSW Legislative Council and NSW Labour Shadow Minister for the Environment, Planning, and Heritage Departments.

Whilst dining in the park’s café; The Blue Wren, she simply couldn’t fail to enchant the staff who were fortunate enough to meet her, with her warm and friendly nature. She quickly became an easy friend.

Ms Sharpe is a strong proponent for the banning of plastic bags and has spoken out publicly about this in recent times, pushing for new policies to be introduced addressing this major concern, so it is not too surprising that she was captivated by the display outside the Blue Wren Café showing a tank full of water containing floating plastic, mimicking jellyfish. The fascinating and informative display highlights the dangers of plastic polluting our oceans and waterways and shows pictures of seabirds dying.

Ms Sharpe was also keen to discover more about how the alarming continuation of logging of the south east forests continues to impact on local koala populations. She was guided around the park by staff and enjoyed herself immensely. A highlight will surely have been when she was privileged to have a special encounter with our newest and youngest dingo resident “Wollemi”. Still only a juvenile, Wollemi delighted in bouncing and clambering all over a visitor who didn’t put up too much resistance to the lively onslaught.

After an enjoyable and rewarding time spent at Potoroo Palace she left a warm impression on staff and a parting comment in the visitors’ book “Thank you so much for doing what you do to educate, inform and protect our native wildlife. I hope I can help you do this into the future.” Penny Sharpe NSW Labour Shadow Minister for the Environment 3/2/2016