Potoroo Palace’s new quoll in need of a name

His new neighbours happen to be a pair of white winged choughs who seem to find their new arrival very fascinating, as he now provides them a novel distraction.

The mission of the local sanctuary is always to excite and inspire, while raising awareness of the plight and irreplaceable value of our native wildlife. Australia has suffered one of the greatest loss of mammals of any continent and the acquisition of quolls enables the sanctuary to highlight yet another vulnerable animal, once abundant in the wild.

Australia is home to four species of quolls, which are the largest carnivorous marsupials on mainland Australia. Foxes and cats prey on quolls and directly compete with them for food. Other human-induced impacts include illegal shooting, car accidents and the ingestion of poison baits set for dingoes and wild dogs.

A captive breeding program is in the pipeline, once the further acquisition of a girlfriend or two can be secured! Meanwhile, this young man needs a fitting name and staff would like to throw it out to the public to choose one.

A fundraising competition is being held, with the winning entry having their own name proudly displayed on the outside of the enclosure and a free pass into the sanctuary. All proceeds will go towards supporting the continuing educational work of the sanctuary.

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