Tiliqua rugosa  Shingleback Lizard

We have several friendly Shinglebacks who can be seen up close and handled during talks. They are also called Pine Cone Lizards, Two-headed Lizards, Bob-tailed Lizards, Stumpy-tail Lizards or Sleepy Lizards. They are a type of Bluetongue Lizard and are from the skink family. They are usually found west of the Great Dividing Range in the southern parts of Australia in dry forest or sandy deserts. They like to eat berries, juicy leaves, insects and yellow flowers. When they curl up in a horseshoe shape, their heads and tails look very similar and may confuse a predator. They pair for life and bear live young.

Tiliqua sancoides intermedia Northern Blue Tongue Lizard

Egernia cunninghami Cunningham’s Lizard

Pogona vitticepts Central Bearded Dragon

Pogonas babata Eastern Bearded Dragon

Physignathus lesveril howittii Gippsland Water Dragon

Hypsilrus boydii Boyd’s Forrest Dragon