Potorous tridactylus Long-Nosed Potoroo

We have a growing group of around 30 Long-nosed Potoroos, located in different enclosures. A Long-nosed Potoroo is the size of a small cat. It has small ears close together sticking straight up on top of its head, and a slightly punk hairdo. Its nose is very long and thin. When it digs for truffles (its favourite food) or grubs, it uses its long sharp claws and then sticks its nose into the hole leaving a funnel-shaped depression in the earth.

We currently have several Rufous Bettongs with us. Nigel arrived in November 2014, and in December his brother Nat, joined him. Potoroo Palace then later had several more donated by a local captive bettong stronghold; Mandeni’s, after the proprietor passed away.