Vombatus ursinus.

The palatial pen where our two female wombats live makes it possible for them to hide underground or in a mud brick tunnel in the heat of the day. 10∫C is their favourite temperature. Wombats are our most intelligent marsupial. They are related to koalas, but they feed on grasses and roots. They have a backward facing pouch so the baby does not get a face full of soil when the mother is digging. The baby stays with the mother until it is two years old.

Phascolarctos cinereus.

This is Susie, the mother of our young Koala—Sapphire. Koalas live on gum leaves. There are over 30 species of eucalypt which they will eat. We give our koalas branches of at least 3 different species fresh each day. Koalas have adapted to this strange diet in various ways: they save energy by sleeping for 18 to 20 hours per day; they chew the leaves very thoroughly, to a fine paste; food stays a very long time fermenting in the gut; lastly, the koala has a small brain, because thinking takes a lot of energy.


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ABC Television video of Suzie


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