Tachyglossus aculeatus

This is Priscilla (top photo) in a rocky grassy enclosure with a waterfall and a stream. She is a monotreme and so lays eggs and suckles her young. She produces milk from a milk patch on her belly (no nipples). Her back is covered in spines with fur between them. Echidnas eat termites and ants. They dig into termite mounds with their claws and snout and then extend their long sticky tongue to get insects out. In the wild, echidnas can bury themselves very fast, but Priscilla strolls around in a relaxed way.

An exciting new addition to our Potoroo Palace family is an albino echidna, Luna, who is charming everyone with her quirky personality. She has a special new enclosure near the lizard sunning areas.

It is not uncommon for albinism in animals to have other physiological effects; Luna came into care and was unable to be released due to her inability to effectively use her back legs. A similar problem found in other Echidnas can however also be from incorrect handling. Since her arrival, with encouragement by staff and providing plenty of exercise for Luna, she is beginning to have better use of her legs.