flossyThere is an astonishingly spectacular wildlife event happening on our very doorsteps – and it’s there for all to behold.

In late March this year approximately an incredible 80,000 grey headed flying-foxes were recorded camping at a very old, well established site in Pambula. Numbers were recorded by an experienced local resident who has been surveying and monitoring their fluctuating numbers for many years now. It was an extraordinary number as there are currently only 400,000 left of this species left worldwide.

The Pambula Camp came very close to destruction in 2001 when it almost became a new housing development but was saved by this same passionate local who recognized the value and significance of the site to native wildlife and was able to purchase most of the land the camp encompasses.

It is no coincidence that these heightened numbers correlate with the flowering of the bloodwood trees (corymbia gummifera) in this region. The Pambula Camp provides a sanctuary for the animals to rest during the day until they need to go searching for flowering gums and rainforest fruits – their preferred diet. Orchards will provide little interest when their true food supply Picture flying fox 008 (2)in the forests is plentiful. The introduced fruits from the northern hemisphere make a poor substitute but must suffice when there are hungry mouths in search of nourishment. It is well established that declining numbers are in part due to starvation brought on by our disappearing forests.

A local group of dedicated volunteers (always needing more), counts on the third Friday of every month at the Glebe in Bega, where there is another camp more recently established within the last 10 years. Although a newer campsite for the grey headed flying-fox, the camp can still get large numbers. The largest recording for this site was still only 30,000 back in 2012. Results contribute towards the government’s National Flying-fox Monitoring Program.

For more information or to take part in surveys, contact Lea Pinker at Potoroo Palace 6494 9053