Name That Quoll Competition

We have a new arrival who has come all the way from Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, in Tasmania.

A young, Spotted-tailed quoll ~ Dasyurus maculatus male, just one year old has come to live at his new sanctuary and is settling in wonderfully, but he needs a new name!

We would like for you to choose, so we are having a fundraising competition to choose one for him and it’s so easy to enter.

The winning entry will receive a free complimentary day pass which will provide free entry into the sanctuary, a train ride and a bag of food to feed our free roaming animals with, as well as having your name outside our young quoll’s enclosure announcing your winning entry name. The pass can be for yourself or a friend/relative.

Just to show how much we appreciate your input and support, each entry that is made in person, is also entitled to choose a colourful, chrome embossed Potoroo Palace pen of choice too!

All monies received will go towards supporting the work of the sanctuary whose mission is to raise awareness of the plight and irreplaceable value of our native wildlife.


Each name entry is $5.00 and it’s easy to enter…

You can submit your chosen quoll name by either:

  • Phoning our bookings and enquiries number and submit name and payment on: (02) 6494 9225 OR
  • Drop by, in person to the Blue Wren Cafe and grab a free chrome Potoroo Palace embossed pen with your entry!

Just provide your own name and contact details, as well as your chosen name for our quoll.

Too easy!

Entries close on August 31st and the winning entry will be announced on National Threatened Species Day, September 7th.