Fun for Parrots, Workshop.


10am – 12pm Wednesday 10th October 2018

“Our (Australian) parrots are not only visually spectacular – with splashes of every colour, in every size and shape – they are also some of the smartest and longest lived birds in the world…They stay younger for longer than Northern Hemisphere species and can live twice as long”.~ Jesse Hawley CSIRO 17 January 2017

Help to bring more enrichment to our captive parrots lives next Wednesday morning. We are making toys out of natural materials for inside their enclosures.
You can choose the parrots you would like to make the toys for and know that you are helping to make their lives much more fun.

All materials are provided.
Workshop costs $10 per person.

Why not make a whole day of it!
As entry fee into the sanctuary will be required in order to participate in the workshop.

The sanctuary’s captive parrots have been given the chance of a new life at Potoroo Palace and are either rescued unreleasables or ex ‘pets’ who have been donated. Be warned that some of them are quite chatty! 😀