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Potoroo Palace’s new quoll in need of a name

Potoroo Palace has a new arrival who has come all the way from Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, in Tasmania. A young spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) male, just one year old now living at his new sanctuary and settling in wonderfully.

His new neighbours happen to be a pair of white winged choughs who seem to find […]


”Mordecai”  and ‘Scarlett’ are two of Potoroo Palace’s vibrantly coloured Eclectus Parrots – Eclectus roratus. Each of them having been separately donated, it has been trial and error introducing them and observing their relationship developing.

The Eclectus’ natural range in Australia is limited to Eastern Cape York Peninsula, found in the canopy of rainforests and […]

Palace Shares Potoroos

Although an unusual choice of name for the Valley’s popular, not-for-profit native wildlife sanctuary, ‘Potoroo Palace’ has always remained most apt. It is home to a flourishing resident population of long-nosed potoroos, due to a successful ongoing conservation breeding programme. The 1st potoroos arrived at the sanctuary from South Australia in 2007, becoming a journey […]

A Carriage for the Palace

Potoroo Palace Native Animal Sanctuary can finally tick getting a bus off their wish list. It is a milestone in the sanctuary’s twelve years of operation and is significant for not only Potoroo Palace but for the region’s tourism also.

Serge Nachtergaele, one of the sanctuary’s five directors, explained what a difference this will now […]

Staff Goodbyes

It was an historical moment for Potoroo Palace when staff finally waved farewell to long term employee Alan Morgan at the close of 2018. Alan, who has been with the sanctuary since its very birth in 2006 has played an integral role in the management of its finances.

He originally joined the sanctuary family as […]

Palace says Thank You!

A large part of the animals’ diets at the local wildlife sanctuary Potoroo Palace, is a reliable supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. As just one of the many outgoing costs at the sanctuary, even the smallest of donations are always welcomed by staff.

It has been a tremendous boon therefore, for the sanctuary to […]

VIP visits Palace

Julie Courtemanche, Sydney Campaign Manager for The Wilderness Society, visited the south coast recently. The visit was focused upon meeting local conJulie Courtmancheservationists, gathering knowledge, and seeing […]