Would you like to be a Friend of Potoroo Palace?

Potoroo Palace was purchased and taken over in 2006 in a very run-down condition.

It was set up by the purchaser, a passionate local wildlife carer, as a Not-for-Profit community project.

Since then, a lot of money and resources has been spent upgrading the living conditions of all the animals and their environment,
with wonderful results.

The main aim of Potoroo Palace is to educate the community about native Australian animals, and especially our local species.

If you believe what is happening at Potoroo Palace is worthwhile, and have either time or money to help out, would you be interested in joining the group: Friends of Potoroo Palace?

We envisage this as a group independent of Potoroo Palace , dedicated to fundraising. ( We have full tax-deductible status. )

If you are interested in helping, and would like to know more, please either phone or email us with your name and contact details
and we would be delighted include you in any future activities.