Educational Talks

Daily talks: 11:00am and 2:00pm

Our twice daily talks are optional and an excellent opportunity as they are included in the entrance fee!

Don’t miss out on the chance to be introduced by our informative and friendly Keepers to some of our amazing wildlife residents. Learn about just how special our unique Australian animals, birds and reptiles are and why they are all so crucial to our natural world.

These talks are guaranteed to enhance your experience and leave you with lots of great memories of Potoroo Palace.

Keeper, John Marsh with

Keeper, John Marsh with “Jimmy”

Animal Encounters

An encounter is a very special one on one experience with the animal of your choosing.

Learn all about this animal and get up close enough to touch and to experience the wonder of our amazing and unique native wildlife.

Feli Amanda

Pricing Conditions

Prices are per Encounter, whether one person or two.

Additional person $10 each. (Dingo, Koala and Wombat Encounters, additional person $20 each)

Koala Encounters limited to 6 people.

Minimum age restrictions apply for dingo and snake; Dingo – 18yrs+      Snake – 16yrs+

Please be aware that if having a Snake Encounter, you cannot have a Lizard Encounter on the same day (and vice versa).

Potoroo Palace may place separate booking party’s together in one Encounter if there is a high demand for specific animals but will never exceed the ‘number of people’ restrictions. Prices charged for participants will be as per separate bookings.

** Encounters with 2 stars are only in afternoons and must be booked by 2pm.

All Encounters strictly at discretion of Zookeepers, depending on availability and/or the animal’s behaviour.

 Please note that for various reasons not all of our animals are available for Encounters every day. It is best to simply enquire on your visiting day to avoid disappointment.

Dingo (Persons must be minimum 18 years of age)$70
Swamp Wallaby,
Ringtail Possum,
Brushtail Possum,
Sugar Glider,
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo,
Potoroo or Bettong,
Snakes (Persons must be minimum 16 years of age)$35
Tawny Frogmouth**



Ideal for the less able-bodied.

Be driven around the park accompanied by a keeper/guide.

The train will make several stops and your journey can be tailored to your specific animal interests.

Choose from 15 minutes up to an hour.

  • Short/15mins – $20
  • Medium/1/2 hour – $40
  • Long/1 hour – $80


Staff at Potoroo Palace are excited to announce this new opportunity, available in warmer months only.

Have you ever wondered just what it’s best to really do when a snake crosses your path?

How to be prepared when finding one in your backyard or when walking through the bush?

There is so much misunderstanding and fear around these beautiful animals. Our new programme is to help people to learn best foot forward when in snake country and how to adopt appropriate etiquette.

Sprocket and Olivia 2Potoroo Palace teaches respect, awareness and understanding for those we also share our environment with. Aimed mainly for small groups of children, this is also available for adults too.

  • $60 for a MINIMUM of 2ppl extra people $20 each
  • Or $100 for 6 people
  • Maximum of 12 people and maximum cost $150

For more information or to make bookings, contact our office: (02) 6494 9053

Please note:

No age limit.

Bookings essential.

Available only during warmer months.